So this is the famous “first post” of a brand new blog. I have set up WordPress probably close to a hundred times by now, even a few for myself. However this is the first one that will actually be using the blog feature written by myself. I’m a little nervous. Will I be able to come up with things that are worth posting? Will I accidentally misspeak something that will get blown up (if people start reading this)? I’ve never been one to be a “public” person, I do better one on one.

So what made me decide to actually start doing this? Well, I have a side project I’ll be working on, and needed a WordPress install that had some real content for it to process, so I figured I’d go this route. The project is something that I have done before down and dirty for other sites, but I want to delve into “open source” work, so I’m going taking it, cleaning it up to a “proper” WordPress plugin, and not only make it, but the code as well public to the world. (yikes!)

I was going to sit here and go into details of this plugin, in fact started writing 3 paragraphs to explain it. But then I realized, this is getting long winded, and heck, that idea can be used for the “second” blog post, why waste having another idea? I will knock it down to this will be a plugin to convert a WordPress site completely down to a static site which improves speed and security. If you know anything about WordPress sites and what the code behind them looks like, go ahead, do a View Source… While the overall structure and built in class names I do not change, just looking at the head section you will notice it doesn’t look normal. The server feeding you this site doesn’t even HAVE the WordPress install on it. So much for trying to run any exploits on it… It is like the golden 90’s of web development, all static content! (yeah, I’ve been doing sites since 1996).

So this is it for now. Sorry that for now you can’t comment below, but stage one is getting the static content. Stage 2 will be allowing a wrapper to pass through a form submission so you can do things like comment. You can always use the contact me page for now.(I cheated, that is the one place that there is actually a .php file here to process the contact form.)