So this year has been a major roller coaster ride for me (and my family). Things are (knock on wood) settling down to a normal schedule. Work can get back to something steady again, a big plus! I always had concentration issues before, but woah has it been shot since June.

On top of several work related projects, one of the things I would like to do next year is start working on something Open Source. Either finding a project I like and contribute to, or start something on my own. One project I may work on first is a plugin for WordPress, that I started working on for this site. The idea is that it will take a basic WP site, such as this one, and export it over to all 100% static content, so you can have the actual WP install on a “dev” setup, and then after you do any changes, click a button in the plugin, and it will generate static content and push it over the a “live” setup. With this, the idea is that when you go looking at the source of the site, other than things like classnames, and other key built in items, you don’t easily see it is a WP driven site (no /wp-content/uploads/…, /wp-content/themes/… items). I’m sure there is something similar out there, this is for my own geekiness and getting better a proper custom plugins.

Those who know me, know this is me stepping out a bit to put my work out there in the open public. I’m always self critical of my work, always know something could be better, so no matter what I come up with, I think I could improve upon it more, thus the always feeling of “never complete”. On the plus side, having things out there, will help me learn to improve in areas needed, while I have been programming with PHP for 18 years now, and feel I’m pretty good at it, having it to “standards”, well I’m sure there are a lot of areas to work on, so this should help.

If you know of any smaller PHP projects on Github that could use some help, fell free to contact me with a link. I’ll update this post when I finally decide what I’ll work on come next year. I’ll be busy the next month getting caught up, getting moved into new place, and dealing with holidays, so nothing new will be here till 2018.

Thanks for reading!